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Howe Flat

Howe Flat

Howe Flat is located in the far eastern end of East Gippsland and  is part of the Cape Howe Wilderness Area. 

Howe Flat can only be practically accessed using a 4x4, though a boat could also be used, but this could be difficult. Directions to Howe Flat by car are: Turn onto Maxwells Rd from the Princes Hwy, 7.4Km north east from the NSW/VIC border. Continue down Maxwells Rd (Maxwells Rd turns into Buckland Rd) until you come to Lakeview Tk on your right. There is a gate here, that is closed during the winter months. Take Lakeview Tk and continue on it until you get to Howe Flat Tk on your right. Take this track, and you will get to Howe Flat. Note: The Lakeview Tk is windy, steep and very narrow. There is a creek crossing and a number of steep gullies. Most of the track has no mobile phone reception, so be careful at all times. All the tracks are well sign posted, so you shouldn't get lost. 

Lakeview Tk

Lakeview Tk

Once you arrive at Howe Flat, there is a walking track that leads to the ocean. Ground Parrot, Southern Emu Wren, Eastern Bristlebird and a variety of honeyeaters can be seen along here. Once you reach the ocean, you will be able to see Gabo and Tullaburga Island. If you have a spotting scope, you may be able to see Black Faced Cormorants on Tullaburga Island. Australasian Gannets can be seen feeding off the coast, and albatross and petrels are always a possibility. 

An unfortunate Ground Parrot,

The walking track to the beach at Howe Flat
Red Necked Stints on the Beach at Howe Flat.

Snakes are also rather abundant on the Howe Flat area, so be very careful. 

Gabo Island

Howe Flat is an excellent place to visit, providing you have the right car, and plenty of time. The birdlife is excellent, and the scenery is also great. This is a must visit place.

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