Thursday, 16 February 2017

Cabbage Tree Creek Flora Reserve

Cabbage Tree Flora Reserve


Cabbage Tree Flora Reserve is a 1,700 hectare reserve that protects Victoria's only population of Cabbage Palms, (Livistona australis  ). The naturalist, Baron von Muller discovered this isolated pocket of palms here in  1854. It is thought that the local Indigenous people may have planted them from seed obtained from a more northern tribe.

Cabbage Tree Palm

Cabbage Tree Flora Reserve is located approximately 25 minutes from Orbost. Take the A1 towards Cann River. After 20km, there is a track to your right called  Palm Track. Continue down this track until you come to the parking area. If you are coming from Cann River, take the Cabbage Tree Conran road before Cabbage Tree. Continue 5 .4 km and turn right onto Marlo Cabbage Tree Road. Drive for 5.7 km and turn right onto Palm Track. Palm Track takes you to the Cabbage Tree walk. There are picnic tables and an information board. 
The sign for Cabbage Tree Creek

The Reserve is one of the best spots for birding in the area. Over 120 bird species have been seen in the area. Black Faced Monarch (summer migrant), Rufous Fantail, Rose Robin, Brown Gerygone, Topknot Pigeon and Scarlet Honeyeater are usually quite common here.

Wonga Pigeon, quite a common bird at the reserve
The area around Cabbage Tree Flora Reserve is also quite well known for owls. Masked and Sooty Owl are often seen while spotlighting. 

Cape Conran Coastal Park  is very close to Cabbage Tree reserve, so it is definitely worth paying a visit while exploring Cape Conran Coastal Park. 

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