Monday, 25 September 2017

Tambo Bay

Tambo Bay

Tambo Bay is a bay in the Gippsland Lakes. It it located between the mouth of the Tambo River and Metung.

Tambo Bay is accessed from Princes Hwy from Swan Reach. Turn onto the Metung Rd and continue 4.5Km until you come to Punt Rd, on your right. Turn onto Punt Rd, and drive 1.6Km, and turn left onto Reynolds Rd. Continue on Reynolds Rd until you reach Tambo Bay. There are a few houses near the water, most of them holiday dwellings.  You can park on the grass near the bay, and then walk along the sand. 
White Faced Heron

Tambo Bay-Google Maps

Tambo Bay is a favourite spot for Australian Pied Oystercatchers, and occasionally a lone Sooty Oystercatcher. Chestnut Teal, Hoary Headed Grebe and Silver Gull are also common. Australasian Pipit, Straw Necked Ibis and Golden Headed Cisticola inhabit the grass near the bay, while Little and Red Wattlebird feed in the banksias along the shore.

Australian Pied Oystercatcher
Australian Pied Oystercatchers

Australasian Pipit

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