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Cape Conran Coastal Park

Some birds of Cape Conran Coastal Park

Cape Conran Coastal Park is a 11,700-hectare national park situated between Marlo and Bemm River. Over 250 bird species have been sighted in the park, including species such as Eastern Ground Parrot, Topknot Pigeon, White Headed Pigeon and Southern Emu Wren.  This post will look at some of the best sites in Cape Conran Coastal Park. 

Cape Conran Boat Ramp.

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The Cape Conran boat ramp is located on the western side of Cape Conran on the West Cape Rd. Pacific Gull, Silver Gull, Sooty Oystercatcher, Australasian Gannet and Bassian Thrush are often seen here.  Look for Bassian Thrush and Eastern Whipbird in the scrub behind the boat ramp, and keep and eye out for Sea Eagles passing overhead.

Silver Gulls at Cape Conran

Cape Conran

Yeerung River. 

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The Yeerung River Estuary View Walk is a heathland and coastal scrub walk. The walk is on the right side of the road just as you cross the bridge on the Yeerung River.  The Ground Parrot has been flushed from here, and Southern Emu Wrens are common. Other bird that can be seen here are: Beautiful Firetail, Rainbow Lorikeet, Azure Kingfisher in the Yeerung River and many types of honeyeaters.
Yeerung River looking downstream


Looking towards the ocean over the heath

Old Coast Road

The Old Coast Rd has potential for Brush Bronzewing, Southern Emu Wren, Sacred Kingfisher, (in Summer) and Turquoise Parrot. Look for Southern Emu Wren in the heathland adjacent to the road, and pay attention for their high pitched calls. Since the Old Coast Road is quite long, a good method for birding there is to drive slowly down the road, stopping at any spot that looks to have potential for birds, such as a creek or heathland. 
Old Coast Rd
Old Coast Rd
Brush Bronzewing

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