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Deptford is an abandoned gold mining town in the hills north-east of Bairnsdale. During the late 1800's Deptford had a population of around 300, with a hotel post office and other such buildings. However, the town declined and by the early 1900's, Deptford had been pretty much deserted.

Google Maps- Deptford
There are two ways of accessing Deptford. One is by Deptford Rd. Turn left onto Deptford Rd 13 Km from Bairnsdale. You then drive 26 Km to Deptford. Part of Deptford Rd is Gravel, and most of it has reasonably tight corners. The other way to get to Deptford is by Engineers Rd. Turn onto Engineers Rd from the Alpine Hwy 2.9 Km north of Bruthen. Continue on Engineers Rd until you come to Deptford Rd. Engineers Rd is also gravel, with lots of corners, so pay attention to the road. Engineers Rd is definitely the longer route to Deptford.

There is no bridge crossing the Nicholson River at Deptford, so one has to cross the river at the river crossing. Care should be taken after rain.
The Nicholson River at Deptford

Deptford has a a few walks that are worth going on. One is the Tubal Cain Walk. This walk takes you to an old mine where you can still see some old gold extracting machinery. Some of the walks are quite steep and rough, so it pays to be careful, especially when wet.

Birds that can be seen in the Deptford area are: Cicadabird, Yellow-Tufted Honeyeater, White Naped Honeyeater, Sacred and Azure Kingfisher, Flycatchers, and many other forest birds. The environment is somewhat dry, with the Nicholson River providing a good water source for many of the birds.

Australasian Grebe in the Nicholson River, Deptford
Yellow Tufted Honeyeaters

Sacred Kingfisher, with a large lizard

Deptford is a great area to visit.  The bird life is quite abundant, especially during the warmer months.

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