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Ice in morning sun

Bendoc is a small town 10km kilometers from the Vic/NSW border. In the 1800's, Bendoc was a mining centre, but today it is primarily farming and forestry.

Bendoc is 103Km from Orbost, along the Bonang Hwy. Bendoc can also be accessed from Bombala in NSW.

Routes to Bendoc

While the Bendoc area is not noted for its bird-life, there is a considerable range of bush species. Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo are quite common in the area, as are Satin Bowerbirds and Lyrebirds. Brown Thornbill can be abundant in the right habitat, as well as White Browed Scrubwrens, Superb Fairwrens and Flame Robin.

The Bonang Hwy is  also a good spot for birding. White Throated Nightjar and Barn Owl can be seen in the early morning, and Wonga Pigeon, Eastern Yellow Robin and Lyrebird during the day.

Crimson Rosella

Eastern Yellow Robin
The Bendoc area is definitely worth checking out for birds. Try driving on the bush tracks, and stopping regularly and listen for bird calls.  Log trucks operate in the area, so pay attention to signs and keep you UHF radio on channel 40.

Frosty morning near Bendoc

*I haven't actually taken my big camera to the Bendoc area, so the bird photos are from other locations.

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