Thursday, 11 May 2017

Lonely Bay Walk

Lonely Bay Walk

Lonely Bay Walk is a 5km return walk at Lake Tyers. It follows the shoreline of Blackfellow Arm that extends out into Lake Tyers. The walk can be accessed from Blackfellow Arm tk, which runs off Burnt Bridge Rd. Lonely Bay Walk can also be accessed using a boat.  The walk has moderate terrain, and it has recently been "rake hoed" clear.

Gang Gang Cockatoo
Lonely Bay Walk travels through a wide range range of environments. Wet gullies, dry open forest, lakeside and thick scrub. This accommodates a good scope of bird species. Black Swan, Great Egret, Whistling Kite, Sea Eagle, Brown Goshawk, Wonga Pigeon, Shining Bronze Cuckoo, Sacred and Azure Kingfisher, Superb Lyrebird and Bassian Ground Thrush can all be readily seen here.

The walking track is in a wide "U" shape, starting on Blackfellow Arm Tk, and ending at the end of Blackfellow Arm Tk. There is a picnic area with a walking track and steps down to the water.

Even if you aren't a bird watcher, there is still plenty to see. There is a good range of flora, and plenty of wallabies and goannas too.

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