Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Birding around Burnt Bridge, Cherry Tree

Burnt Bridge, Cherry Tree Birding.

Burnt Bridge and Cherry Tree are located on the eastern arm of Lake Tyres, approximately 15 minutes from Nowa Nowa. Access is via Princes Hwy, between Lakes Entrance and Nowa. Take the Burnt Bridge Road, and then continue straight, or turn left on to Cherry Tree Road, depending on whether you are going to Burnt Bridge or Cherry Tree.  There is a 1.1 KM walking track between Burnt Bridge and Cherry Tree, which follows the river. The environment is quite moist in most places, with some thick tea-tree, as well as larger trees.

Map of Burnt Bridge and Cherry Tree Area.

With such a diverse environment, birds are plentiful, with herons, pelicans, Sea Eagles, Eastern Whipbirds, and Rose Robins. http://ebird.org/ebird/hotspot/L2986658

White Faced Heron


Azure Kingfisher

Rose Robin, male
Cherry Tree and Burnt Bridge and the walk between is a great location for birds, as well as fishing or a picnic. It should be noted however, that the road in can be quite rough at times, so small cars may have difficulty.

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